Hello, and welcome to Alec’s Animal Care. I am a reliable neighbor who can provide basic pet and animal care right in the safety and privacy of your home. I can provide care for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and nearly any kind of domesticated animal. I am a real animal lover with a lot of experience caring for pets of my own and others as well.

If you get animal care in your home, you will avoid the expense and hassle of bringing your pet to a commercial boarding facility, and the associated risks of sickness, accidents, or injuries. Your pets will receive their care in the comfort of their own home environment and they will be happier too!

I provide regular care during the day if you are at work and simply need someone to feed your pet or provide bathroom breaks. I also can do basic grooming, take dogs for walks, or provide some exercise & playtime.

I also would be happy to provide full-service care if you are going to be away traveling, whether for a weekend or for a multi-week vacation! If you are away I will also perform simple chores like bringing in the mail, taking out the trash, or watering plants. Please see my “Rates” page for the types of jobs that I perform and current pricing.

Currently I am providing animal care in the Denmore subdivision of the Panther Trace neighborhood in Riverview, Florida. So if you live in this neighborhood, I hope I can provide you and your pets with excellent animal care!


When you travel, is it better to kennel a dog at a vet or have some-one take care of him at home?

In home care is generally more fool-proof because “most animals are more comfortable in their own environment,” says veterinarian Nancy Kay. But take temperament into consideration; if your pup gets anxious when left alone—or if you feel more assured leaving him in the care of a vet—a kennel may be better. If possible, do a one-night trial beforehand, says veterinarian Ann Hohenhaus: “That way, if there’s a major issue, you can bring your dog back home.”

Real Simple – April 2016